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This marvelously motivating 2-CD set is designed to inspire you to become sorted, productive, clutter free, calm and content!  Listen just 10 minutes a day;  absorb the messages.  No effort required by you!  Your outlook will change gradually, then magically, so will your behaviour!  It’s almost too easy. 

At $23.95 (mailed), this has to be one of the most economical and least demanding ways of getting organised. 

I want you to be organised and decluttered so you minimise stress and enjoy more leisure time.  I want you to achieve more at work and at home.  I want you to be organised and decluttered so you feel wonderful in your home and work spaces, and proud of them.

If your vision is to see yourself walking around in a relaxed and confident manner, head held high, smiling, aware of everything you need to do, a clear thinker and a productive person operating in a comfortable, efficient and pared down environment, then you need this CD package.

By listening for 10 minutes a day, you’ll discover my professional organising secrets:

  • Why clearing your surfaces clears your mind
  • How keeping things moving creates no-effort order
  • WAKing – the magic ingredient for getting organised
  • Why the half-full cup runneth over
  • How repeating a “secret” will bring no-effort success
  • How to say no to clutter and yes to voluntary simplicity
  • What to do when you’re at your busiest 
  • How to shed kilos of clutter
  • How to pick your containers
  • What’s in it for you to dump your clutter
  • How to overcome the procrastination habit
  • Prioritise the way YOU want to
  • Why perfectionists finish last.

And eventually, you’ll achieve the goals you want.

This CD is NOT boring.

How to get your own CD package now:

First, you need to choose between the three payment methods – PayPal, direct deposit and money order.    

PayPal enables you to pay now by credit card or from your bank account.  There are no fees for you, the buyer.  If paying in an overseas currency, you will be able to check the currency conversion rate on the PayPal website before paying.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a payment.

Direct deposit is only available to Australian customers.  It means you can pay online through your own bank website, or go into any branch of the ANZ bank to direct deposit over the counter.  In most cases, neither involves a fee for the buyer.  My direct deposit details will be emailed to you.

Money Orders can be purchased for $4 from Australia Post outlets.  Overseas money orders are usually not an economically viable alternative for the buyer.

Your two-CD set is $23.95 (Australian dollars).  Postage is free within Australia and to overseas countries.  There is no GST payable.  To convert this price to a rough approximation of other currencies, go to (or if you have a PayPal account - 

Second, you simply need to fill in the details below to start the proces.

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